The Awesome Comics Podcast – Episode 288

The first Awesome Podcast of 2021 has Vince, Dan and myself chatting about what we hope will come our way in this new year from comics. Don’t worry it isn’t just three grumpy dudes moaning, this episode’s chat does spin the positive as well as the ever so slightly negative. 2020 was a car crash though so some reality was needed. But we are looking forward to some great comics, a return to Comic Conventions and the reopening with a vengeance of the much-loved comic shop.

There is also a mysterious package trapped in Calais!

We also announce the numbers for December’s charity fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. Have a listen to see how much was raised. And give a shout out to those that donated and we include an interview with listener Shiza who talks about her webcomic O Sarilho. You can follow Shiza on Twitter here.

We also recommend a whole heap of comics and discuss the pros and cons of running a Kickstarter campaign.

Have a listen at the website here or over on Spotify here.

Join the boys for some great small press comics chat as they hit the road to Episode 300.

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