I have been a comics fan since the early 1970s. I am a child of London and its comics shops and continue to read and buy new and old comics daily.

I began writing comics for fun in the mid-nineties and have worked with some great artists and publishers. I also work as the Events Rep for Nobrow and act as the co-publisher of Tribute Press Comics with Adam Falp.

In 2015 I began as co-host with buddies Vince Hunt and Dan Butcher on The Awesome Comics Podcast. I also produce my own weekly podcast with a revolving set of co-hosts where we pick apart a series each week. You can find the Never Iron Anything Podcast here on this site or by clicking here.

Never Iron Anything is an attempt to focus on creating a site that takes an informed but unhindered eye to comics and their quality. This isn’t a site that gives a flowery and wonderful review – this is serious. Please see the ‘Contacts Page’ for submission guidelines.

As a writer I have been fortunate to work with some great artists. Below are just a few examples of art by Adam Falp, Nick Prolix, Andy Hanks, Vince Hunt and Ian Ashcroft that have featured in comics I have written.

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