Podcast Review – ‘The Uncanny X-Men 201’

(All artwork copyright of Marvel Comics – used for review purposes only)

Episode 63 of the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast – ‘Uncanny X-Men 201’ with Pete Davies.

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On the new show Tony sits down with Pete Davies and they discuss this once hot book. Discover why this is an issue that sold out within days. They also get into the different plot threads that dangle shamelessly from the edges of every page. Was this a filler issue? Was it forced on the creative team before we had the arrival of The Beyonder and Secret Wars Two!?

Tony finds himself confused by not only that sly look back from Rogue but also her flirtations with Ronald Reagan (genuinely). The boys also wonder at the parental abilities of Scott and Madeleine. He doesn’t really seem committed to fatherhood and Maddy hands her baby over to a psychic who uses her powers to investigate when potty time arrives!

Then there was this super awkward moment. Tony is not a prude and is bang up for some inter-space-species beasts of two backs (in case anyone is reading this in outer space) but this kiss made his ass-cheeks clench!

Tony and Pete also get into the style and history of the two excellent artists involved in this issue Rick Leonardi and Whilce Portacio. They handle Legion of Superheroes levels of different characters with great flair! Although questions were raised about the length of Sam Guthrie’s cut-down denim shorts!

Who wins that duel? Have a listen to find out who, why and if it worked.

After a little bit of an angry advert Tony asks Pete about his future projects. This includes the upcoming magazine and accompanying podcast called The Brand. ‘About creative minded people, about creative minded people’. This will be dropping on 15/2/2021 so watch out for it.

Pete is also the creator of the logo for this very website and you can find him on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Many thanks for listening and please let us know what you think through the comments link here.

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