Awesome Comics Podcast #290.

Episode 290 – Making Comics Because you Love it! (w/Matt Simmons)

On this new episode Vince, Dan and Tony invite comics creator Matt Simmons on to talk about his comics and zine work. Matt has been recommended on the podcast quite a few times in the last few years with work such as comedy sci-fi one-shot Mukbang and Bastard Galaxy. He also did a certain zine with quite a few cats’ bum-holes on show!

Matt discusses his approach and technique in creating comics both by himself and with collaborators. The lads also ask him about how he has found selling books online and those little added extras that often make small press comics stand out in a crowd.

They also get to the bottom of what a ‘Mukbang’ means for the wider-world!

The show also strays into a wider discussion about the price of a digital comic as well as what works with a Kickstarter in the current sales climate. It gets a little lively!

There are also a raft of great recommendations including ‘Angry Planet’ from Alan Hebden and the amazing Massimo Belardinelli. This has just been released by Hibernia Press and dates back to the old 1970s Tornado Comic! It’s still fresh as ever and feels like something Harry Harrison would have written! (But with more fake Cylons).

Have a listen in to discover what else gets a recommend.

You can find more about Matt’s work by visiting his Twitter here and buy his comics here.

You can listen to this episode by visiting the Podbean page or downloading on Spotify here.

Many thanks for listening.

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