Podcast Talk – Satan and Comic Shops.

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Never Iron Anything Episode #67 – ‘Satan and Comic Shops’

‘…Do you have any copies of ‘Brain Reel’?’

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Adam Falp joins Tony to talk about his new issue of Satan’s Library. He has recently reworked and redrawn an older published story that was inspired by his tour of American comics shops and the very different community/shopping environment they create compared to shops in the UK. This has just been released and features a wraparound story of a boy visiting a shop whilst the comic also contains the smaller sown into the book versions of the comics he reads and buys there. Adam talks about his approach to this comic within a comic and the verisimilitude of creating three faked realities in a single volume.

The pair also get into the nuts and bolts of making an underground outlaw comic and what inspires them to try and crash through the boundaries of what can be done within the medium.

There’s also some great talk about new and upcoming artists who are pushing against the banality of the mainstream in the US and some in the UK. Have your pens at the ready whilst they talk about a host of interesting artists who may well be coming into your comics collections soon.

Head over to Adam’s website here to order a copy now. You can follow the antics of these two degenerates by heading over to the Tribute Press store here.

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