Podcast Review – ‘Blacksad’

Podcast Review – Never Iron Anything Episode #72 – ‘Blacksad’ with co-host Tom Stewart.

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In the new episode Tony and podcaster, comics reviewer and creator Tom Stewart sit down and discus the first five volumes of the BD anthropomorphic Noir series ‘Blacksad’. This is a series that has been released digitally by Europe Comics and in hard copy by Dark Horse. Originally published in France by Dargaud it is the creation of writer Juan Diaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido. The volumes are available in English translations on ComiXology or in a number of formats from Dark Horse Comics.

This is really something special and the hosts run through the five volumes that are currently translated. Sure these are ‘funny animal books’ but there is a darkness to the stories that adheres to all the rules of Film Noir. The artwork will blow you away with Guarnido’s ability to transfer nuanced emotions into the faces of human shaped animals. The pages drip with water-coloured beauty and show-stopping detail.

Tony is also slightly embarrassed that he hadn’t got round to reading this before!!

You can find Tom and the brilliant That Comic Smell on Twitter here and have a listen online here. You can also buy a copy of their anthology here

Many thanks for listening.

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