Podcast Review – ‘Essex County’ by Jeff Lemire.

Episode #73 of the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast – ‘Essex County’ by Jeff Lemire.

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On the new episode Tony is joined by podcaster and comics scholar Eamonn Clarke to talk about the work of Jeff Lemire and specifically his early breakout hit series Essex County. This is a book of three specific chapters dealing with people and communities in Essex County at different stages in their lives. It deals with a range of emotions and life situations from growth to death. It is a bit of a heartbreaking narrative at times but with moments that will also lift you.

Art used for review purposes only.

Jeff Lemire is a hugely prolific writer who works across the different areas of the comics medium with great skill. From mainstream titles like Old Man Logan and Justice League Dark, to Ascender and Descender at Image and through to work that feels more personal like Essex County. Tony and Eamonn were introduced to Lemire’s work in different ways and maybe for different reasons. Have a listen as they talk about the history of this series and what they found worked and didn’t. The three books have different narrative styles but still work within the 70% autobiographical to 30% fictional universe that Lemire conjures.

This is a highly recommended series. Tony and Eamonn also recommend a few other series by Lemire that should be on your list!

Thanks to Eamonn for joining the pod again this week and Tony puts out a challenge to him for the next time he co-hosts that may be one of the best comics ever created.

You can find Eamonn on The Mega City Book Club podcast here and follow him on Twitter here. It’s highly recommended and well worth subscribing to.

Many thanks for listening.

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