One Whole Year!

Well that was one hell of a year.

This is a quick post to thank everyone who has listened to this podcasting experiment. The Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast (NIA) began exactly one year ago and yesterday we released episode 78.

Tony has had a revolving cast of co-hosts and guests who have all brought their comics researching ‘A’ games. The NIA has covered some pretty cool subject that reach from the mainstream to the more obscure.

Thanks to all the amazing chums who helped out and made it such an enjoyable ongoing experience.

Adam Falp, Sarah Harris, Cliff Cumber, Adrian Hashimi, Rory Donald, Al Henderson, Dave Robertson, Richard Sheaf, Tom Stewart, Darrell Thorpe, Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher, Eamonn Clarke, Johnny Cannon, James McCulloch, Damian and Helena Edwardson, Jason Wilson, Pete Watson, Russell Olson, Pete Davies, Aaron Rackley, Johnny Ottaway, Stuart Mulrain, Jordan Thomas, Alan Purdie, Dave Kennedy, Pete Doree, Chris Sides, Ken Reynolds, Bob Fingerman, Garry Hill, Raechel Leigh-Carter, Simon Russell and all the guests who are booked in for the next few weeks.

We are going to keep rocking!

Loads more to come!

You can find all the episodes at the website here, on Spotify here and on Apple Podcasts right here.

Many thanks for listening.

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