The World’s Greatest Comics Podcast Crossover!

This weekend has seen probably the greatest podcast crossovers of all time! (Or, at least, that’s how Stan Lee would have phrased it!). On Saturday we got Episode 79 of the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast that had Tony talking to regular co-host Eamonn Clarke about the brilliant Fantastic Four #51 ‘This Man…This Monster!’.

Then today Eamonn has released the follow up on Episode #152 of the Mega City Book Club Podcast and chats to the man who owns page 1 of that very issue (that you can see above).

This really is one of the highlights of all comics. A tale of humanity and redemption along with some incredible artwork from The King! Not only do Tony and Eamonn pick apart the glory of this issue from correctly labelled cosmic buttons to breathtaking dimensional gateways but they also talk about the history of the Lee/Kirby collaboration.

Art used for review purposes only.

The troubled relationship between these two titanic creative icons is discussed from an era that is a polarising subject amongst fans and scholars. The early years of the Marvel Universe as we know it now has been a topic of much speculation and the hosts have done their best to read book after book and listen/watch interview after interview to help understand this period and that much misunderstood phrase ‘The Marvel Method’.

But what is never in doubt is that this issue remains a high water mark in the medium. A one-off story that sat between the first Galactus/Silver Surfer story and the first Black Panther appearance. But even though it at first appears to be perhaps a little of the ‘filler’ it roars just as loudly as these two titanic tales! An issue that has both heart, soap opera, tragedy and a hard science fiction edge it has never been bettered as a character study of a man, and a monster!

So head over to this episode on Never Iron Anything on Spotify here, on Apple Podcasts here and at this very website for the first installment.

Then head over to the Mega City Book Club on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify here and at the website here and enjoy Eamonn’s interview with Mark McDermott, the lucky bugger who owns page 1.

Many thanks for listening!

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