Podcast Review – Batman Adventures.

Never Iron Anything Episode 113 – Batman Adventures with Alan Henderson.

This week, comics fan and creator Mr Alan Henderson is back guiding the co-host chair. He came armed with a couple of cracking issues to talk about, as well as some intriguing insights into the work and legacy of a comics editor.

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Batman Adventures and Batman: Gotham Adventures followed the fun and bouncy style of Batman the Animated series. They were one and done stories aimed at a younger audience but with the added styles and craftsmanship that we saw in the nineties cartoon. The two issues Tony and Alan focus on feature three villains who may be familiar to the comics fandom.

This episode is a cheerful dive into some great comics that shift between some classic Batman action to something of a heart-breaking moment where the characters in the pages and the professionals and fans in the real world say goodbye to a comics editing and writing legend.

Have a listen to find out what happened.

In this episode we also discuss the upcoming theme for February…more of that soon.

You can follow Alan’s comics creating and collecting life right here on Twitter and head over and buy some of his excellent comics and art at his Etsy store here.

Many thanks for reading and let us know what you think of the podcast.

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