Out Today – ‘Deadlines’ by Adam Falp.


Created by Adam Falp.

Full colour – 14 pages – £4.00

Available to buy here.

‘Deadlines follows the life of young, handsome cartoonist Adam Falp as he tries to cope with the pressure of creating the greatest comic book ever made.’

I got to see an early copy of this comic that Adam is releasing on the world today. He sent it to me addressed to ‘Terry Esmond’. However it is also in my humble opinion the best thing he has done so far. It has a voice dripping in hilarious satire and is wholly original in approach and execution. It follows the life of a person called Adam Falp… I’ll leave you to discover the rest.

‘…I slip into an expensive dressing gown and politely ask you to leave because I have deadlines. Resentfully, you exit. Will you ever see me again? My restraining order has already been filed’.

The book is out today and is bound to sell out very quickly so I suggest you order a copy whilst you can.

Go buy a copy of this now. Here is the link.

Follow and harass him online here at Instagram and also on Twitter.

He probably won’t reply.

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