Podcast Review – ‘Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths’ by Shigeru Mizuki.

Spotify Link – Episode #115.

This week on the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast Tony is joined by co-host Eamonn Clarke to explore the Gekiga Manga ‘Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths‘ by the master of the form Shigeru Mizuki. A book that describes the mangaka’s experiences as a Japanese soldier during World War 2. This is part of the short month’s mini-series – ‘Old Blokes Read Manga’. It is part of the Hundred Days of Manga journey that I’m currently walking (and loving). And the book that finally made me take Japanese comics seriously again after ignoring them for decades.

The hosts also discuss Mizuki’s other works and his history as one of the real GOATs of the industry. This book, like Maus, should be required reading in schools everywhere. It shows the reality of war and the way it brutalises the men who are there as little more than sacrificial lambs. You are invited into their world and see the terrible environments they inhabit on a real and shocking level.

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You can also catch recent episodes of Eamonn’s brilliant British Comics podcast the Mega City Book Club here and follow him on Twitter right here. We have a catch-up about his recent episodes and also a natter about what he’s been reading otherwise.

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