Hank – P.H.U.R. issue #2 now available.

Hank – P.H.U.R. Issue #2.

Written by Tony Esmond.

Art by Darrell Thorpe.

Published by Tribute Press.

48 pages – Black & white and Spot Colour – Perfect bound – Limited print run.


Available right here right now while stocks last!

Warnings! – Just for Adults. Not for those of a sensitive disposition.

How can one man end up in so much trouble. Since he was a kid our hero has been described as a ‘Shit Magnet’ – mostly by his parents. But he has really dropped in it this time. Things won’t be the same for anyone after this issue!

After the events of issue one and the discovery that the P.H.U.R. Technology has been implanted into him through his bum-hole our hero is on the run.  The action ramps up and and has quite the crew of enemies to fight. Non-stop action with some interesting twists and turns.

Will he survive to discover what is really going on?

There are also a couple of cameos you might dig! See if you can find them.

Written by Tony Esmond with gob-smackingly brilliant art from Darrell Thorpe this is the culmination of a year’s work at Tribute Press. A book that we are proud to release upon the world. 

If you didn’t pick up issue 1 then that’s still available at the site as well as the new Forpey T-Shirt! Look at this beaut! Only available in cream and white at the moment but if people dig them we will be making more. (Customer Notice – The T shirt is being produced with a third party so will come separately to the comics when ordered).

Head over to the Tribute Press website right here to grab copies and a Tee right now as stocks are limited.

If you fancy having a chat about the new stuff or comics in general then hit us up through the contacts page on here.

More is coming from the Tribute Crew very soon. You can find us all on line here.

Adam Falp co-publisher, creative vagabond.

Tony Esmond co-publisher, not Adam’s Dad!

Forpey – Expert in art, rugby shirts and drawing dongs.

Cliff Cumber – artist, podcaster, posho.

Many thanks for reading!

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