Morning from The Mountain!

It’s been a pretty busy/crazy week at Long Box Mountain. The weeks seem to go by so slowly and also so quickly. The signs of aging and that death is near.

The big news for Tribute Press is the launch of the Dirty Basement Kickstarter. This is a series that started last year with a collection of stories myself and Adam Falp collected with the aim of taking something new to Toronto for TCAF and North Carolina for Heroes Con. And, honestly, just to have a laugh with.

With issue #2 we decided to open the anthology up to other creators. But not just anyone, we approached people with a rising profile in the movement we are calling The New Underground. We’ve been really lucky with who we have aboard. Along with our close buddies Darrell Thorpe and Cliff Cumber we also have Jake Machen, Matt Greaves and Sam Hickson. The series works on a Profit Sharing System for the artists involved (not the lonely writer he gets nothing ya hear me! Nothing!) So all the profits after print and postage costs will be spread out between those involved. (Let’s face it. It’s easy being a writer).

So, what can you expect from these comics?

This is a series that is influenced by the greats of the Underground and Outlaw ‘comix’ scene. If you enjoy what people like Denis Kitchen, Chester Brown, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb and Mary Fleener have produced over the last five or six decades then this may be up your street. But, add into the mix the newer aesthetic emerging from the US, Canada and some in the UK of creators who are not afraid to offend or experiment. Many of those involved have worked with and alongside ground-breaking fanzines like Bubbles and Strangers before joining the Tribute gang. We think these creators sit at the emerging cutting edge of what is happening to the medium.

As part of the comics (and comix) world we believe that we have a licence to make comics that will satirise and often outrage. That’s what we are doing here.

The link for the Kickstarter is in the opening paragraph or right here. We’ve kept costs down so you can either choose digital or physical rewards. (We have no truck with enamel badges!)

Myself and Adam sat down for a chat about the scene and there are some details of what else you can find in these two issues. Have a listen.

The podcast is available on Spotify or Apple – or you can access it here. Many thanks for listening.

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