The Awesome Comics Podcast – Episode 289 Shawn Gabborin and Dave Broughton.

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This week on The Awesome Comics Podcast there are two guests and a truckload of reviews.

First up is the creator of Let’s All Die, Puppet Master Comics and a whole lot more Mr Shawn Gabborin joins the lads. After Let’s All Die was chosen as one of the pods favourites of the year he was an easy pick for a guest. Shawn has some serious comics chops and not only writes cleverly crafted horror comics but also speaks about his experiences working as an editor at Action Lab, his contact with the Full Moon Studios movie production company and how he has now set up his own comics company Handwritten Entertainment. Vince, Dan and Tony nerd out over great comics and movies!

You can find Shawn on Twitter here and at his website here.

Next up on the episode the boys grabbed a short interview with old buddy Dave Broughton. An oft times collaborator with Tony on some comics Dave is also treading his own sci-fi path with Shaman Kane. This has become one of the best small press ongoing series available in the UK and has developed a great cast and some ongoing story threads and themes. Dave is hard at work scripting issue 7 of Shaman Kane and is also working on some Dredd stories for Zarjaz. Always well worth a look!

If you are quick enough there’s also a competition to get the two recent issues of Kane – but you’ll have to be quick.

You can follow Dave on Twitter here and grab some of his comics here.

The show is rounded out with some shout-outs and a load of comics recommendations!

You can have a listen to this episode when it goes live around 1pm today (11/1/21) and all the older episodes right now here.

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter here.

Many thanks for reading.

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