Podcast – ‘Superman For All Seasons’

(Art by Tim Sale – used for review purposes).

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On Episode 62 of the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast Tony and regular co-host Al Henderson discuss the 1998 DC Comics prestige format mini-series. Written by Jeff Loeb with art by Tim Sale and Bjarne Hansen this is a work of nostalgic elegance that takes Clark from Smallville to Metropolis and back again.

This series is one of the many that Loeb and Sale worked on as a team and produced something that once again shows the magic that can come from such collaborations in the comics medium. Tony and Al discuss this story of the small-town boy who grows up and moves the big city and who also just happens to be Superman. The alien quality of the big boy scout takes a backseat to allow us to see his humanity and vulnerability in some art that will blow your socks off.

Your hosts really pick apart what is going on here and discuss the design of Clark/Superman. Is he perhaps drawn a little too bulky/oafish at times? How does this stand up to Sale and Loeb’s other titles especially those featuring the Bat? How does their style suit the characters they addressed in the Marvel Universe?

As always this podcast digs into the background of the creators and the characters and seeks to explain where this short series sits in the history of comics. They also attempt to answer the question – Who do Loeb and Sale work best on? Batman or Superman? (Here’s a clue – it isn’t Hulk: Grey!)

You can catch up on all the episodes so far by clicking on the link here.

You can also find out more about Al Henderson’s comics here and follow him on Twitter here.

Many thanks for listening.

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