Let’s Get Some Ground Rules.

I made the mistake of looking at comics Twitter again this week and noticed that some creator somewhere at some time had said something like, ‘If you don’t like my politics then don’t buy my comics!’ This got me thinking. I began to doubt my reasons for buying a comic.

I really need to be more active in investigating the lives of the writers and artists who create the comics I pay for and read on the bus and in the bath and whilst taking a dump. What do these people think about and what opinions do they hold on those important political issues. I need to know!

So from now on, whenever I am considering buying a comic I will be sending out a questionnaire to the Writer, Artist, Inker, Colourist, Letterer and Editor. I want to be totally transparent in this process. Set out from the start a cork board of integrity, honesty and virtue. After all there isn’t a cat’s chance in Hell that I’m buying these comics purely because I like the characters. Of course not you fool. My only thought when I pick up a copy of The Defenders or Femforce is that I agree with the politics of the writer.

So here is a short(ish) list of areas that it is imperative that the creatives on the book agree with me.

1. Opinions on Brexit. Did they vote remain or leave?

2. Who did they vote for in National, Local, Mayoral and High School Elections. (Only then will I carry out a thorough investigation of those chosen candidates and carry out background checks). Have they ever failed to vote because they couldn’t be bothered to fill the form in or walk to the local Polling Station?

3. Are they a meat eater? I myself am a vegetarian and have now decided hat anyone who eats a living creature is a Nazi.

4. Are they a lockdown skeptic? COVID denier? Refuser of masks? Anti-Vaxxer? Have they ever had doubts or maybe watched a video on YouTube where people question these areas? Have they actually been vaccinated yet?

5. Economic opinions. Do they believe in a free market economy? Keynesian economics? Monetarism? Supply-side Economics?

6. How do they feel about the Firearms Act? What about the Crossbow Act? Or the infamous Badger Act?

7. Their thoughts on Immigration. Are they intent on pursuing a Visa system or do they believe in the theory of ‘No Borders’? When was the last time they travelled to Russia or China? (And what was the reason for their travel?)

8. How would they vote on Scottish devolution?

9. What are their opinions on parking tariffs in the Boroughs of Wimbledon, Lambeth and Barking?

10. What car do they drive? What fuel does it take and how often do they fill it up? How often do they walk or take public transport?

11. Where do they stand on historical political figures? Thatcher? Blair? Chamberlain? Robert the Bruce? Charlemagne? Mao? Argua Kahabagan? Cristina Fernandez de Kitchener?

12. Their opinions on the proposal to widen the A1825 in Tring?

I think that will do for the moment. I am sure that there are other areas that should be taken into consideration when I’m buying a Wolverine comic. I’ll add to the list as they occur to me.

Let’s remember here that it’s the creators and their opinions that are important.

Many thanks for reading.

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