Podcast Review – ‘Nexus’ issues #5-8 with Johnny Cannon.

Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast Episode #70.

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In the new episode Tony sits down with comics creator and fan Johnny Cannon and they set about dissecting the brilliant Nexus series from writer Mike Baron and artist Steve Rude.

Play along at home with this episode’s drinking game. Take a swig every time Johnny says ‘Toth’ and another gulp when Tony asks why Mike Baron isn’t working for Marvel or DC!

Nexus was the brainchild of Baron and Rude and got it’s start at the short-lived publishing arm of Capitol Comics Distribution. It then found it’s home over at First Comics. At the heart of the narrative is Horatio Hellpop, a reluctant executioner who is directed in his nightmares by an insane alien called The Merk. This is set some 500 years into the future where the planet Ylum has become a haven for misfits and criminals. Ruling over this is Hellpop who is known and feared as the force of nature called Nexus. These issues also act as a crossover with another Capitol Comics/First Comics series called Badger. Aka Norbert Sykes the Badger is an insane Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD that leads him to have seven separate personalities. He’s also pretty much the best martial artist this side of Shang Chi!

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The boys also discuss the history and craft of Steve Rude along with some of his influences. This is the man who Archie Goodwin once described his early art as ‘Not terrible’. Now a veteran of the industry he continues to strive to improve and has created some amazing art both with Baron, on his own and with other great creators such as Dave Gibbons and Len Wein.

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There’s also a discussion about the writing skills of Mr. Baron. We hear about his history, his writing style and hear a little bit about his three rules for writing (you’ll have to listen in to discover those). Baron is on Tony’s Mount Rushmore of writers and without any doubt should be writing any number of mainstream titles. He’s currently enjoying success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and is about to release a Badger novel! (We have preordered!)

Find out more about Mike over at his website here, you can follow him on Twitter here and back his new books on Kickstarter here.

Many thanks for listening.

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