Hercules is on way!

Yesterday myself and Mr. Adam Falp spent the day preparing the postal rewards for the recently printed ‘Atomic Hercules: Weapon of Mass Destruction’. These will soon be hitting letterboxes around the globe (and in Swindon!).

We are really pleased with how it came out and the magazine format/Black & White print really shows off Adam’s brilliantly subversive artwork!

I was a long day but what you can see below is the UK postage pile. Our buddies at Strangers Fanzine will be organising the US distribution and quite possibly a little drop on their BigCartel for those who haven’t grabbed a copy yet.

Some of the saucier backers will have snagged a bookplate edition and Adam was also busy sketching away on them whilst I was filling comics bags and envelopes. You’re in for a treat!

If you missed the Kickstarter the don’t fear. We’ll be putting some up for sale once the backers have received their issues.

You can find the Strangers BigCartel here for some other great comics. And watch out for the next drop from them as numbers of Herc will be limited!

Thanks to everyone who backed us. We appreciate every one of you!

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You can also head over to the Tribute Press website for all your sexy needs!

As yourselves what that Weapon of Mass Destruction could be!

Many thanks for reading.

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