Podcast Review – Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson.

This week Tony is joined by podcasting, comics creating and dog wrangling Scotsman Tom Stewart. They sit down and review the collection of Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson. With the year anniversary of both the COVID lockdown and this podcast Tony decided to choose a book for Tom this time. See if Tom enjoyed this graphic novel by having a listen along.

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This is a sprawling story about regular people and the intertwining relationships and friendships that they experience over a few short years in New York. Sherman is a bookstore clerk and aspiring writer with what just may be a terrible habit of self-destructing. Ed is his quiet and shy best friend who is desperate to break into comics and find a girlfriend along the way. Irving Flavour is a Golden Age comic artist who has a tragic side. Whilst Stephen and Jane may well be our favourite couple in all of comics! And that’s just a small portion of this cast of characters who all seem truthful, genuine and often wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Collected in one volume this is insightful and touching and highly recommended.

there’s also a good chance it will get you all misty-eyed!

Tony and Tom discuss the evolving/improving art along with the excellent writing on show in this 600 page brick of a collection. They run through moments in the book and the lives of these friends and how they play out in a book that is more about friendship than it is about car chases. This is how you do indie comics.

Tony also recounts his meeting with the creator – have a listen to see how that turned out.

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We’d love to hear what you are thinking about this series of reviews and maybe suggest other books that you would like covered or even come on and talk about. Contact the show here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks for listening. 

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