The New Tribute Press release – Now Available.

Released in a crisp prestige format version with 42 pages and some REALLY not safe for work interiors is the new release from Tribute Press. Available here for a limited time – UK only at the moment.

Only suitable for 18 years and above.

Hank: P.H.U.R. issue #1 is written by Tony Esmond with art and lettering by that energetic artistic freestyler Darrell Thorpe. It tells the story of Hank, a loner and a man suspected of being the source of many tall tales used by writers of the seventies and eighties. But when he sits down and tells his new story not even the most smacked out comics creators can believe it!

This is the Cyberpunk Furry story that you’ve been asking your momma for!

You can grab a copy from the NIA Store right here. Rush as numbers are limited and it will sell out before this time next week guaranteed.

Have a look at some of the other books by the Tribute Press deviants over at their site here. You can also catch up with new and upcoming comics from Mr Thorpe right here too.

Warnings – also contains boobs.

Many thanks for reading.

P.H.U.R. activated!

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