The Awesome Comics Podcast – Episode 345 – Talking Genres in Comics! (w/Tom Stewart)

This week Vince, Tony and Dan are joined by comics creator, fan and podcaster Tom Stewart from That Comics Smell. The four then go on to discuss Comics Genres. They give their top three and discuss why and how a genre comic can make you reach for it on the shelf.

You also get some great recommendations and a whiz through some Kickstarter shout-outs that just may be worth your money. Also, have a listen out for a psychological case study of a smelly loser who lives with his mum and spends all day streaming online for clicks, he just may be called Ned.

You can also find the pod on all the normal audio sites and apps such as SpotifyiTunes and at the Podbean page.

You can catch up with the antics of our brothers north of the border from the That Comics Smell podcast here on Spotify and follow them on Twitter right here.

Here are a few teasers of the comics that we discuss.

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