100 Days of Manga – Podcast Review – ‘Domu: A Child’s Dream.’

This week comics creator and collector Al Henderson returns to the co-host seat with his book choice of Domu – The Dreams of Children by Katsuhiro Otomo. This is part of the NIA mini-series ‘Old Blokes Read Manga’ where we look at the wild world of Japanese comics from a UK viewpoint.

Often talked about as Otomo’s ‘other book’ this is a classic of horror manga and should never be ignored. Al and Tony dive into the history of this sadly now out of print in English language comic and also investigate how and why it works so well. Well over forty years old – and still cool a book that should be read by everyone – whether you ‘get manga’ or not.

Otomo addresses subjects and styles of psychic powers and rebellion of the younger generation in this book. It is perhaps a duel between the old and the new. What is better and what is more righteous? Maybe you’ll find out. A blood soaked stage that travels through and over a Tokyo council estate this could be anywhere in the world. Forget your preconceptions of school kids and over-excited emotions, this is a terrifying psychological horror told in sharp realism that then explodes on the page.

Reader beware, this moves quickly from a police procedural mystery to an accelerated battle of powers. Those around the eye of this storm are pushed further and further into insanity. If you have read Akira then this needs to be next. (Just beware of some outrageous prices on eBay!)

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Many thanks for listening.

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