Podcast Review – Barefoot Gen – Volume 1.

This week on Episode #118 of the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast Tony is joined by comics creator Dave Robertson to talk about the first volume of Keiji Nakazawa’s semi-autobiographical manga series Barefoot Gen.

You can listen through the embedded player above, On Spotify here or on Apple Podcasts here.

A series that comes from real experiences of a world shaking event this episode also comes with a Content Warning. Not only for those who may find the comic distressing but also because of the situation the world now finds itself. This is a raw, truthful and bleak tale that never shies away from the truth of war.

Tony and Dave discuss the artwork, history, background and themes contained in the first volume. They also compare subtle changes between the Japanese and English language versions.

Not only do we get the Eastern to Western flip but also seeming Albert Einstein has been replaced for someone with an uncanny resemblance to Marc Maron?

This is a manga full of incredible art and heart-breaking/stopping sequences and moments. The portrayal of the the family at it’s heart and their struggles in unimaginable poverty, hunger and adversity builds to the dropping of the atomic bomb named ‘Little Boy’ in the first volumes later pages. You also find yourself if the world has changed in any significant way since 1945. It is highly recommended to all readers of comics and otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part and listened to this podcast. Tomorrow we hit the two year mark and it’s been an absolute joy!

You can catch up with Dave’s new comics by visiting his shop right here and also catch up on the new issue of the brilliant That Comic Smell Comic right here!

Many thanks for listening.

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