Podcast Review – The Bojeffries Saga.

The Bojeffries Saga.

This week on the Never Iron Anything Comics Review Podcast Tony and co-host Alan Henderson sit down and chat about the brilliant Bojeffries Saga from Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse. What are the origins and influences of the strip and how does it stand up today?

You can listen through the NIA site right here. Or go to Apple Podcasts or Spotify and listen and subscribe.

But please, whilst listening or reading ask yourself the following. Is Trevor Inchmale the greatest comics creation of Alan Moore?

Tony and Alan also talk about all the different publishing venues that this story appeared in as well as the more recent additions to the story.

If you fancy chatting about this or any other comic then contact the hosts through this site right here!

You can find Alan and his Penned Guins at his site here and you can stalk him on Twitter right here.

Many thanks for your time.

Glinda prefers multiple penises! You have been warned.

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