Podcast Review – Daytripper!

This week Tony is joined by Tom Stewart from the That Comic Smell podcast to discuss the DC Comics/Vertigo series Daytripper. Created by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá with colours by Dave Stewart this is a must-read series from the much missed Vertigo comics imprint.

You can find this on Apple Podcasts here, Spotify right here and on the Podbean site itself here. You can also listen through the main page on this site too.

Our podcasters describe the experience of reading this emotionally charged yet life-affirming series. But warnings the theme of the book is something that may spoil an initial reading. That and other themes however are explored in depth.

This book does not look for the meaning of life but rather a meaning in a single life. It’s quite the ride.

All art used for reviewing purposes only.

You can listen to Tom’s podcast at the That Comics Smell site right here and follow him on Twitter right here.

You can also catch up with the Comic Smell’s own ongoing anthology series right here.

Hope you enjoy listening and please let us know what you think.

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