Kickstarter Corner – ‘Oven’ by Simon L. Read.

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‘Oven’ by Simon L. Read.

Now on Kickstarter here.

Those following along at home will have noticed that I recently gave some comics love to the gloriously unhinged ‘Chin’ from Simon L. Read. Have a read of that review here. I’ll admit to having become slightly hypnotised by his totally bonkers story-telling techniques and faux ‘mental patient who has escaped with a pack of crayons’ subject matter. As well as discussing his work in an upcoming podcast I have just backed his new Kickstarter campaign and thought it might be worth a mention.

This is how Simon describes this new project.

‘It is an analogue comic, meaning it has been hand-sketched, water-coloured, and inked. I do not use digital processes to create my comics (front cover aside). I mean, it’s loose, it’s counterculture, and some have said my style has a ‘punk D.I.Y aesthetic’.  I don’t even use a ruler for my panel boxes! The only time this comic will have been uploaded to a computer will be when my pages are photocopied and assembled for print. No digital touch-ups, no digital additions; only the beauty of imperfections (wabi-sabi, anyone?)

The story contains an ensemble cast of 15+ characters with no one true protagonist or antagonist.  If you like strange characters in bizarre scenarios, odd moments, and non-sequitur dialogue, this is the comic for you. It gets a little dark/suggestive in parts, so fair warning!’

It is rare that words fail me but Simon creates comics that almost succeed in shutting even me up! These are comics that are perfect for the cheese-dream realities that we all face in 2021.

Madness is indeed the glory of life! This unstable lunacy is what we need. Page after page of storylines you would never guess and in a style that if you read it on the bus your co-bus-wankers would think you either super-cool or maybe a few drips short of a full piss (as my Gran used to say!)

Stuck looking out of a window, at another boring TV series or actually considering playing a board game? Then why not back this project and inject madness straight into your eye-balls.

I fucking hate board games!

So. What are you waiting for? Giselle won’t be about forever.

Here is that Kickstarter link again. You can also follow Simon on Twitter here and have a look at his art on Instagram right here.

Many thanks for reading.

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