The Awesome Comics Podcast – Episode 291.

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Episode 291 – Comics, Toilet Humour and Bumstorm! (w/Rob Luckett)

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(Warnings – Goes off the rails in all kinds of toilet humour stylings!)

This week’s Awesome Comics Podcast is a freewheeling chat about what should and could go into an all-ages/kids comic. Vince, Dan and Tony were joined by small press comics creator Rob Luckett who talks about his series ‘Bumstorm’.

‘Bumstorm’ is an exploration of what it would mean to be in combat using farts. You know when Green Lantern makes battering rams or big boxing gloves using his ring (excuse the language) this is the same but utilising the power of farting. Rob has a lot of Manga influences and explores the difference in attitude between UK and Japanese comics creation and distribution.

The interview takes a step into the real world as well and the boys compare scary moments in their own bottom diaries.

You can grab your own copy of this hilarious series at Rob’s website here. You can also follow him and smell his farts on Twitter here. (Warnings – he is a CHEESE HATER!)

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There’s also a wealth of other comics talk. Tony and Dan have just read the second volume in the Robert Kirkman/Chris Samnee ongoing series ‘Fire Power’ and have some mixed feelings about pacing and plot. This felt like a big change from the huge cinemascope action of Volume 1. Have a listen to the episode and see if you agree.

Have a read along and see if you agree by buying a copy here.

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Prompted by the 2021 Press Release announcements coming from Avery Hill Comics recently Tony went searching for the work of Lord Hurk. What he found was an intriguing anthology whose full title is ‘The Affordable Amazement Catalogue‘ issue 1. There’s a full examination of a number of the stories in the new episode but standouts included ‘Life Drawing Class’ by Paul Ashley Brown, ‘Wetgrip and Hamwich’ by Lord Hurk and ‘Onyx Roach Replica’ by Tobias Tak. The book’s cover has a play with some Clowesian imagery and an added poop!

Although this is from 2015 this was a pleasant surprise that also has Tony keen to read ‘Jinx Freeze’ from Lord Hurk later this year. He’s also gone back and ordered issue 2.

Head over to Hurk’s website here and see what he has on offer!

There are numerous shout-outs for other comics projects and everyone recommends something to read in comics. Vince manages to keep the ship afloat and there are a few saucy NSFW extras after the credits!

If you’ve had a hard week and need cheering up this is the podcast to listen to!

Many thanks for listening.

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