‘Chin’- Not So Much A Review As…

Image copyright of Simon L. Read – for review purposes only.


Created and published by Simon L. Read.

16 pages – Black and white and Red – A5 format.

£5. Available at Simon’s Big Cartel Store.

Raechel Leigh-Carter turned me on to Simon’s work and I’ll try below to do it justice. This isn’t really a review – just a series of story points and my open-eyed and gob flopping open enjoyment of something totally and excellently bonkers.

There’ll be more coming on this very soon – so watch this space.

The Story – Terry is looking like he might jump out of the window of the City Planning Offices. A man with a large chin tells him that his phone is ringing only to find out that Terry is having a wig fitted later in the day.

Terry allows his colleague to accompany him as he needs the following.

  1. Moral Support.
  2. Spiritual Support.
  3. Physical Support.

The man with the chin looks worried.

I’m not sure what is happening? I don’t have a clue – I read onwards nevertheless.

They head off to Ron’s wig store. Ron hands Terry his own wig which Terry is really pleased about. In fact he is so over the moon about his new wig that he let’s one go! (see above). The dude with the chin suggests that they should leave as he suspects that Ron is ‘Full Pervo’. But as I read I suspect that there may be love in the air (as well as the pong of Terry’s trouser trumpet!)

The dude with the chin worryingly appears to be growing an even bigger chin. Then it cracks open and an exact replica of Chin Dude pops out except that he is coloured red with a crayon.


The Review – The fact that I have no fucking idea what is going on in this comic only makes me love it more!

‘I would like to present you with a delicious pineapple.’

I have so many questions. This is like watching the early days of Vic Reeves. This is so nuts and so raw and DIY that I am totally onboard.

And it doesn’t stop….. there is the insistence of the returning of 48 pence. Sex in a toilet with a guy dressed a bit like a rabbit. Lots of close-ups on groins and a little mention of the unwise practice of drinking shandy at lunchtime.

This is totally Radio Rental and not refined in any way. You can see the art here and if you don’t mind that punky zine aesthetic I think you’ll get a real kick out of Simon’s work. I certainly laughed and I wasn’t even that pissed!

You can follow Simon on Twitter here and buy this comic and many others over at his website here.

‘This is why I am a CEO and you’re a temp….and an alleged owl botherer.’

Many thanks for reading.

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